Turn your knowledge into recurring revenue and transform your business into one that gives you absolute freedom and control with a membership website.

Create a recurring business model that provides stability and freedom, without letting tech get on the way.

Running a business with stable cash flow and secure monthly revenue, will provide you higher customer satisfaction and in return, customer and brand loyalty.

Sounds familiar?

+ You have something to share with the world that could impact many people but are caught up in the how to build it.

+ You crave helping your audience hatch plans that will transform their lives.

+ You want the freedom to spend more time with those special ones in your life.

+ You want to be able to serve as many as you and scale your reach.

+ You know that if the “tech” side of this problem is out of the way, the sky’s the limit on how you can be present to your audience in many ways.

There are done-for-you solutions out there that are wonderful to create online schools in a click of a button, the downside of these options are that your content is living in someone else’s server, you have little control over features and the member’s engagement is non-existent.

Having control over your membership portal and the flexibility to add new features as you experiment with your members will allow you to scale, and don’t move around platforms feeling like you’re starting all over again every time one of those tools are limiting you, instead of allowing you to grow.

Building a successful membership website goes beyond the tools and tech requirements you’ve read.  The way I’ve helped entrepreneurs like you build successful membership sites is by creating a strategy tailored for their member’s persona.  We develop a customer journey that will allow us to create a seamless on-boarding process for your members, update the your membership site’s content in a way that’s useful and valuable without overwhelming your members and develop a marketing plan that will allow you to welcome new members every time your cart opens.


You don’t have to figure it all out by yourself.

Imagine waking up knowing that the online space you’ve been fantasizing about it’s been carefully crafted and created with your business goals and members in mind.  

You regain clarity on your vision and remove any overwhelming feeling knowing that each milestone is being achieved.   about watching another tutorial video to understand how to connect all these things to make it work.  You feel less overwhelmed every time a milestone is achieved and will leave our calls feeling excited and inspired.  

You’ll regain focus on what’s important and leave all those tech details on how to connect plugins, create campaigns and testing payment methods are not part of your life.  You don’t even have to think about it.  Why would you?

Candelita's Membership Site Development Process

PHASE 1: Discovery – Two one-on-one consulting sessions where we dive into your membership model profile, develop your ideal member success journey and map out the different levels you want your membership site to have.  


Business Design roadmap: we create a plan where the requirements, milestones and specifics of your project are laid out. 

Website sitemap:  the centralized planning tool that helps us organize and clarify the content that needs to be on your site, and the outline for the content that your site needs.

User Journey Flows: we design all of our client’s website with the customer front and center.  With the clear customer persona we’ve developed during the discovery process, we know design the journey for your various customer segments.

PHASE 2: User Interface (UI) Design – A website should be more than a layout with some images and words, it should be planned according to your goals, designed make your dream customer want more, and function like a well-trained employee


Wireframes: before pushing the first pixel in our design, we’ll create the main pages wireframes to show the dynamic elements of your website.  Wireframes allows us to set the hierarchy of the content based on the interactions the user engages in without visual distractions.

User Interface (UI) Design: the design of the website where all the guidelines of your brand will be applied and we’ll enhance the user customer journeys with effective interaction design principles.

PHASE 3: Membership Website Development – this is the stage where the behind the scenes magic happens with clean code so your site looks great in all screen sizes, it’s easy to update and search engine optimized.


Responsive Membership Website: build in WordPress using AccessAlly to give you full control and power to delight your subscribers.

NOTE: Most of our web projects take from 6 to 10 weeks to launch once we have all the content necessary to build your website

PHASE 4: Launch support – This is when the real work starts!  We’ll help you launch your new website and get as many eyes on it as possible.  We will also cheer together and help you celebrate this new business milestone.  At no extra cost!


  • 30 day of hands-on-support of your website.
  • A plan for launching and letting the world know about their new site.

We’re the best people to help you because of our experience and track record:

We’re a team of professional developers and designers.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses create a new income stream.

We’re not “web people” that started building sites on the side or decided to do this after a course.  We have the experience and skill set required to deliver award winning solutions.

Our creative bilingual team hails from across Europe, North and South America. ¡Hablamos Español!

We’re pretty awesome to work with!

Candelita is a Women Owned Company and it’s Certified as an M/WBE in the State of New York.      

Let’s take a moment and imagine how your business (and life) will be transformed by not only creating a new membership website, but partnering with a design studio that has the expertise to create the best platform for your business.

You don’t have to figure it all out by yourself, you’ll have a team that will support your new venture and will take the overwhelm from you by doing the work with you.

You’ll gain clarity and will be able to use your time in what matters the most: your business.


Here’s what entrepreneurs and professionals just like you have to say about our services:

I’d like to thank you for being on top of our website protection. That means so much.





So, what’s the investment to partner with Candelita?

AccessAlly Setup
in current site


Website Project

Starting at $2150/month
for 6 months

Branding & Membership
Website Project

Starting at $2650/month
for 6 months

This service is for any business owner who wants to experience exponential growth, and enjoy delegating tasks to professionals so they can spend more of their time doing what really matters.


Are you ready to create a digital hub for your customers and fans?

If so, don’t wait. Time is money, and every week you spend pushing those items down your to do list puts you further and further from where your business and increases the risk of something happening to your business online.

What are you waiting for?

A Personal Note from Jennifer Dopazo

I believe in the conviction that your community needs and deserves a space designed to make their lives better: either by teaching them a new skill, allowing them to build relationships with others and offering them that solution they’ve been dreaming off.

Here at Candelita I’ve helped influencers, business owners and entrepreneurs create a bigger impact in their communities by gaining more control and freedom of their business revenue.

This is not the out-of-the-box setup of AccesAlly in your current website, this is a full strategic approach to your membership website design & setup with your customer front and center that’s supported by technology available to make it more accessible to you. (If you’re looking for a quick set up with your current website and you’re not interested into diving into designing a successful member journey, we’re not the right fit for your business. There are many other professionals out there that are capable to do this for you in a matter of weeks.)

We create successful communities where members are engaged and obsessed with.

My experience in User Experience Design and Online Strategy, I’ve been able to create a process that allows us to effectively structure your site for success. We plan and design your online strategy to welcome your new members to this new space you’re creating for them.

Also, I love this stuff

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