October 1


Automizing your published article to your social media

Social Media can be scary for some, exiting for others and sometimes, a reason for procrastination and distraction (been there, done that!).  There are many tools online that will help you promote your content along all the different social media platforms (there are too many to do it individually and manually), and reach your audience.

You can publish a blog post and connect it to your Twitter and Facebook, so once it is published, the link will be shared on those platforms.  You can use the image you created for a specific post on Pinterest to attract people to your website, and also share it on instagram!  And I’m just naming a phew …

I like to think that the less time it takes for me to be online in every single platform out there, the more time I will have to share my content effectively and to create great content my readers will want to read. There are popular tools like hootsuite, but I’m also a big fan of IFTTT that works under recipe and can be used for your personal life as well! 



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