March 7


The Craft of Branding

We as creators have a decision to make. Do we want to be 90% of noise, or do we want to be the 10% of signal?

Brad Frost – Return to Craft.

Branding is a broad term that has been misused by industries that have forgotten it’s true meaning.

When entrepreneurs start their businesses, and the ideas of branding and design come to the table, there is usually a long silence (it’s inevitable most of the time!).  This is the stage that even some of the fearless businesses don’t want to deal with and will try to delay as much as they can. See, they’d rather focus their efforts on product development, leads, marketing and any other areas they think can be worked on without dealing with branding.

How is it that something so important for all new businesses, products and services is overlooked and ignored?  It’s because it’s a very subjective process.  It’s unknown by many experts, and it seems to be something that just anyone can do. But it’s not! It’s art. It’s a craft.

When it comes to crafts, not just anything will be good enough. Crafts are worked on carefully and beautifully in benefit of your message and without losing sight of the mission and vision you’ll provide your audience.  You can’t just use any font for your website, where your audience will read your message.  You also can’t just use any color when giving your business/product/service a personality. Putting some thought into it will help you build a strong brand that will endure in time and will make visitors into followers, followers into customers and customers into long-lasting relationships that will help your brand grow even more.

What sets genuine professionals apart from the rest is the way they craft their brand (tweet this!).  In a time where tools and technology are more available than ever and where anyone can become a professional with a just couple of clicks, there is a group that is starting to appreciate the craft of branding.

Branding is becoming more and more about what you do and have to offer.  It’s becoming more about how serious you are about your business and how serious you are about your audience.  In the end, it’s about appreciation and great quality.



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