September 20


Crafting Websites: Inspiration from the best

We are familiar with inspiration boards and vision boards and I’m a great fan of creating quick ones when starting a new project.  I tend to take pieces from different inspiration sources and put them together as a puzzle to see how they might work and find the potential they can bring to a given project.

I create boards that will show how a specific font will work in a color palette, with certain photography and with solid colors.  How images can be used in great sizes or as thumbnails, and how some functionality can be presented in a way that creates a seamless experience.

Inspiration boards are not only about the visuals we want to add to our new project, they also include diagrams and flow charts on how the experience will be crafted and what are the steps needed to achieve them.  I also include what type of content will be needed for each of these ideas, and how they serve the main goal of this project.

Everything that you include in your website should serve your mission and if its not adding anything, you should just not include it… my guessing is that if you feel that you are adding a feature just because you have to but don’t feel how it can help your business, you won’t use it right or even update it and create content for it as you should.



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