September 30


Custom Websites: Promoting your content

You have created your website and carefully crafted a strategy, in addition to creating amazing content that your visitors love.  Imagine how many people you’d reach if you would only promote your content, imagine if you could just reach out to anyone and make them come to your site, read and follow you.

This is possible if you start promoting your content in Social Media. It might sound daunting at the beginning but by creating a system and committing a short period of time each day, you will make your website and its content more visible to more people and will generate great exposure instead of passively waiting for people to find you.

One of the most important things to do is to make relevant audiences find and read your content and share it with their peers (that’s a giant plus!).  By promoting your content you are raising your possibilities and if you have already put some time and effort into creating your content, you might as well make that extra effort and put it out there!



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