February 3


The Fabricant Way: Mellow Pages

Matt Nelson is one of the founders of Mellow Pages, an independently-run library & reading room in Bushwick. In this episode Matt shares with us how the idea of Mellow Pages came to be a real space with a growing community that shares a love for books and independently-pressed books.


“When we started, it was very much just, ‘Let’s see what happens.’ There was no goal. There was no desired outcome. It was just us trying to do something. The most important part is that there’s a space. If you’re going to create a community, you need a place for people who can come and hang out.”


The third episode of  The Fabricant Way  is officially live!
Today I want to invite you to join me at this magical space in Bushwick.  Mellow Pages is not only a library, is a reading room and gathering space where you can read rare publications, participate in a reading event and meet an author.
This is no ordinary space, the books and publications you will find here are very rare and unique.  What started as the personal collection of three people: Jacob Perkins and Matt Nelson (founders) and Jacob’s brother, became the space where independent publishers with small budgets in advertising could find new readers and a community of people sharing books that are not easy to find just anywhere.

“This whole place is just things that have somehow come into our lap.”


I you want to hear the full conversation, you can do so here. The story of Mellow Pages is not only inspiring to those out there with and idea in mind, but also to the many of us who wants to build and serve a community by sharing what we love.

We have two more episodes to go for this season and you don’t want to miss them!  So I’d love if you subscribed to our YouTube channel or follow us on Tumblr.


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