July 10


Did you remember to brand these items?

You’re ready to launch your new brand. You’re slinging high gloss, bend-resistant business cards like the Annie Oakley of entrepreneurship. You’re penning letters to the editor on your premium linen letterhead. Your website looks so professional you’re already getting resumes from young go-getters ready to board your train to success. Your forms, manuals, and email – not to mention every single social media platform – bear the mark of your brand beautifully.
Even your office is styled in your brand colors, and your elevator door is proudly emblazoned with your logo writ large.
So you’re done, right?
Maybe. It depends on how committed you are to big boss branding. If you stop now, you’re doing just fine. But with a little more effort, you can add branded panache that will wow your prospects and make your competition weep with envy.


Consider branding these fun items to take your business to the next level

  • Clothing to serve as an introduction to your brand at conventions, conferences, and networking events
  • Water bottles, coffee mugs, and even coffee sleeves to quench clients’ thirst when they visit and whet their appetite for more of your brand goodness
  • Cookies and other baked goods for sugary sweet brand recognition
  • Rubber stamps, USB drives, laptop sleeves and other office supplies
  • Notepads, sketchbooks, and other stationary for employees and prospects
  • Tote bags for carrying your branded notepad
  • Photobooth backdrops and temporary tattoos for after-hours spectacle
  • Coffee table books, cook books, or any other publication to display your brand’s specialty
  • Your smart car, bike, or Vespa to keep your brand visible even when you’re on the go
  • And while we’re getting crazy, what about street art? I’m not suggesting graffiting a public space, but a well placed piece of guerilla art would certainly set tongues wagging

What are some of the wildest branding ideas you’ve had or seen?


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