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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a system that gives information to any search requests to search engines like Google.
Every search engine will try to give the reader the best option for what they’re looking for, which means that the higher your ranking or position when someone looks for your services, the more traffic you will get.  The results will be a selection of pages that have words and/or titles that provide good information. This way when someone searches for a set of words that are related to your business, your website is considered to be a great resource and will be related to those set of words and show up for the user.

Good SEO is related to good content, so the better your content and the more trusted people find it, the best ranking you will get in the competitive world of the internet.
There are good practices that will improve your SEO and the visibility of your website, and its a great idea to start thinking about it from day one!


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