October 2


Submitting Your Content

Last time we covered the importance of sharing content and also how creating a system and sometimes automatizing these processes will make things run smoothly, therefore, not taking too much time away from your business.
Another way to obtain traffic and be positioned as a leader in your industry is by submitting your content to other blogs and websites that have a great deal of traffic and loyal readers.

You can submit your content to content aggregators like AllTop.com, but I’d recommend you try to build a relationship with someone that serves your audience as well and might not be in direct competition with you. Think about it, you’ll be making her / his life way easier by giving her / him content for their new website, and you will gain new readers.
It’s a win win situation. Its not as easy as it sounds but if you invest time in creating quality content and are committed to finding those partners that you can pitch your content to, I’m sure you’ll be invited to write on other blogs and websites,  building a strong group of followers of your own.


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