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A transcendent marketing stunt: Van Gogh's AirBnB listing


You’ve probably seen the AirBnB listing created by the advertising agency Leo Burnett for a unique Art Institute of Chicago marketing campaign. It’s a live-in work of art.
The apartment in question is in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, and the room is an exquisite recreation of Van Gogh’s painting ‘The Bedroom’.While The Drum calls the feat a “marketing stunt,” I think we can all agree that the effort and craftsmanship committed to this endeavor transcends marketing.

A transcendent marketing stunt: Van Gogh's AirBnB listing
Note the brush strokes that render wooden chairs and wash basins into flat objects d’art. The attention to color and perspective. It’s beyond remarkable, and it’s a testament to what happens when companies align their purpose with their outreach and then collaborate with other purpose-driven brands.


Look carefully at how three brands cooperated to achieve something that accomplished each individual brand’s purpose.
Leo Burnett Worldwide has proclaimed its mission to be putting each client’s purpose at the center of communication to transform human behavior.
The Art Institute of Chicago’s objective is to collect, preserve, and interpret works of art for the inspiration and education of the public.
AirBnB’s stated goal is to connect people to unique travel experiences at any price point.
Leo Burnett centered the campaign on the Art Institute’s purpose, which enabled the Art Institute to translate art into an immersive experience for the public. There’s no doubt that the room inspired a new appreciation for Van Gogh’s masterpiece, and AirBnB was also able to connect people with a travel experience like no other.
When these three brands aligned, they accomplished all of their missions in a way that will delight visitors and immerse them in an unforgettable experience. It’s a valuable lesson in cooperative marketing. Seek out complementary brands that have a clear vision of their mission and combine your strengths, resources, skills, and energy to create an experience that transcends marketing stunts and becomes marketing sublime.

How are you using collaborative efforts to achieve your brand’s purpose?


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