May 30


Visualizing Your Social Brand

It’s really important to take steps back every now and then. Especially when you feel like you are getting caught up in a vortex and you are not making choices for yourself but just reacting to the way people act around you. Jonathan Harris

This blog post was inspired by my students at The Branding Lounge workshop currently running in New York City.
There are many things that give us great amounts of anxiety when it comes to branding and design, especially when we are faced with how to do it.
The how involves taking the time to research tools, processes and ideas that you will need to familiarize yourself with before you begin.  Every time I start a new project, I turn to my library, magazines and the internet for visual inspiration. This helps give me hints on how to reach a breakthrough and deliver something that’s unique, and truly authentic.
Finding visuals for social media can be a long process; there are so many platforms and ways to share everything related to your brand.  Understanding which platform works best for you and how to use it to raise brand awareness is the first thing you need to figure out. This is the process I shared with my students today that motivated them to work and not worry about the tech stuff (at least for now!)
1. Tell Stories
Storytelling is incredibly compelling. We all want to get to know the brands and products we love in a deeper way. It makes us feel like a part of their world and gives human characteristics to their brand. There are many businesses who, instead of just showcasing their products or services, show their customers using and enjoying the experience they provide.

2. Re-create routines in a beautiful way.
We all have routines and repeat certain tasks throughout the day. But what would happen if you took something dull or mainstream and added your branding as the cherry on top? You’d be amazed at how you can transform any experience into something luxurious, relaxing, stylish, etc.  Never underestimate the power of routines and revamping them with small details.

3. The power of community
Our brands are not isolated from the rest of the world. They’re connected and working in conjunction with other brands that offer complementary services, help the same people and allow us to reach many. This shared social space is our community and we should embrace it.  When we share from a place of honesty and admiration, everyone involved will be grateful and will have the opportunity to see you from a different point of view. Our social brands are here for the long run, in the business of building long-lasting relationships (tweet this!).



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