September 25


WordPress in Plain English: Custom Post Types

WordPress provides different types of content to publish, one of them is known as a post.Lets think of a traditional blog for a second, those that show a list of articles vertically and are ordered by date.  These articles are posts in the WordPress world.

There are five post types already setupin your WordPress installation:

  • Posts used by blogs and displayed in published date order
  • Pages display static content and are not published by date.  They can be organized in a hierarchical order for you to be able to create a menu with sub-items for example.
  • Attachment is any external file that has been uploaded to your site through the WordPress interface.
  • Revisions; they are drafts of your posts and show the different versions and changes of your content.
  • Navigation Menu holds the information of the items that will create your website menu.

Custom post types are new types of posts you can create depending on what your website needs, they add another level of flexibility to your website. They basically help you define another way to organize specific types of information, and distinguish it from other types of content. You can define what this post is going to be, its features, availability and other characteristics. You can create custom post types for books, movies, reviews and any type of content you can imagine. Custom Post Types let you define the content, and its proper user will take your CMS  beyond its basic features!



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