December 4


Discovering that one big happy business strategy you've been dreaming of

Over the past few weeks, we’ve looked at how you can use the discovery process to gain a better understanding of your business’ internal processes and mechanisms, the revenue models, audiences, and markets that suit your business objectives, and the strategies that have proven most (and least) effective in reaching those goals.
However, a huge pile of data can actually slow your progress if it’s too cumbersome. Critical observations can be buried when you attempt to take a holistic view of the information you’ve gathered. That’s why the final phase of discovery is sorting through that data to discover the key takeaways and craft an actionable plan for moving forward.
Discovering that one big happy business strategy you’ve been dreaming of


It’s easy to get carried away with data, but overly complex business design is ineffective and inefficient. Keeping your business plan simple and focused will make it easier for you and others in your organization to follow through on the plan.


The data you’ve gathered should have helped you identify past business patterns. Use data about your business’ history to help anticipate future opportunities for growth and future obstacles to growth.


By incorporating attainable, measurable goals and simple steps towards growth, you’ll improve your business plan’s chances for success. Clearly identify expectations and processes to ensure that everyone is striving towards the same objectives.


The modern world is in a constant state of flux, and few businesses are exempt from the effects of changing governments, shifting social values, and wobbly economies. In some cases, external changes can be a boon for startups, providing more and better opportunities for growth. However, drastic changes can be bad news for businesses too set in their ways to adjust. Make sure that your business plan is adaptable as this may be the defining feature of successful business in the 21st century.

Building a better business design roadmap

If this all seems a little overwhelming, you’re not alone. Many of my clients at Candelita wish that designing a better business was as simple as designing a better website. Of course, the reason designing a better website is easy for them is that they have guidance along the way.
My six-week course Business Design Roadmap guides business owners through the discovery process at a steady, manageable pace, allowing you to move forward more easily and more successfully. Let’s get started today.

What have been your biggest obstacles to developing a coherent, successful business strategies?


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