March 5


The Fabricant Way: Shag Brooklyn

Today I want to introduce you to a special partnership of powerful women: Sam Bard & Ashley Montgomery. These gals are the power behind Shag Brooklyn, a sexy shop that not only offer the most beautiful work of local artists but also serves as an event and gallery space to artists and offer workshops on intimacy and sexuality.

“I think sex and art historically have been intertwined throughout history. There’s a lot of inspiration from sexuality, the human form, the human figure. Artist’s inspiration throughout time, the old salons, sex is woven in all of that. I don’t think this is anything new.”

Sam and Ashley had a vision and joined their forces and skills to build a space that not only educates their community in many aspects of sexuality that are still considered taboo, they also offer a home-like space where people won’t feel intimidated and will actually spend more time than expected chatting with Sam and discovering the jewels hidden in this store in Williamsburg.

If you want to hear the full conversation, you can do it here:

Behind the scenes:

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