September 11


Websites for Humans: How am I going to update my website?

Having a website requires a level of commitment; you have to feed that puppy!  And the easier it is for you to update and share content on your website the more engaged you will be.  If you use a CMS (Content Management System), you’re going to be able to control all the content on your site, you will be able to update, edit and erase anything on your site. WordPress started as a blogging platform, but its platform is so powerful, that it became a very popular system for building any other type of website (even those without blogs). Creating and publishing content with it, is as easy as writing in a word processor; bold and italic fonts, images and videos can be easily added and links created.



  Using to Create a Website


  New to WordPress – Where to Start


  How to Build a Business Website with WordPress


  How to Build a Killer Small Business Website


  Build a Website for your Small Business: 5 DIY Services

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